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Spiritual Gifts Inventory
Do Not Neglect Your Spiritual Gift​.  
Take the free spiritual growth analysis to help you determine what gifts you have that will benefit you as you continue to grow and develop spiritually.  
Spiritual gifts are not just to be used in the church.  The gifts will also help you develop your Individual Education Plan and will help you evaluate where God has blessed you in every area of your life.
Free Spiritual Gifts Analysis
F.G.B.C. Ministry and Christian Education Services
At FULGOSPEL Bible College, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to assist you in ministry and academic endeavors.  Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
Undergraduate and Graduate programs available
Christian Education programs only
FGBC does not claim to be a regionally accredited program nor are we a degree mill.  Students are required to perform and complete a program in a professional and ethical manner.  FGBC is in compliance with NC GS regarding Christian educational degree programs.
Statement of Ministry Goals 

It is the goal of FulGospel Bible College to Provide an atmosphere of Bible Study and Ministry development that allows for God's people regardless of "race, creed, or color" to be "Equipped and Prepared for Ministry" through the exercise and development of the Five Fold Ministry Gifts. Furthermore, maintaining a Christian fellowship that provides for maturing in God's word through effective Unified efforts that are conducive to worship, Praise, and Learning the mind of God. 

The Bible College Ministry provides students the opportunity to receive a ministerial education equivalent to that offered at seminaries and schools of Divinity. Furthermore, FulGospel Bible College is committed to the task of Equipping and preparing saints for the ministry. This is accomplished through the implementation of comprehensive practicum's, study groups, lectures, and a hands on (personal) approach, to the development of clergical skills. 

In addition, we strive to impart the believer with a sensitivity to the ministry of the Word and service to community of believers which the minister has been assigned to care for. FGBC is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to providing energetic ministers with an effective ministerial educational experience

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