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Excellence is Always Obvious: it is not an OPTION!

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Degree programs of study offered by FULGOSPEL Bible College have been found exempt from the requirement of licensure by the University of North Carolina under provisions of General Statues Section (GS) 116-15 for the exemption of licensure with respect to religious education to issue Christian Education degrees Associate through Doctorate.   

FGBCS is not recognized by the Department of Education to receive federal funding.  
Therefore, the degrees may not provide the student with the professional education requirements that are needed in the secular work place.

After a Peer Review and evaluation and in recognition of meeting the High Standards of Academic Excellence, FulGospel Bible College & Institute of Biblical Studies has been awarded Certified Member Status by the National Accrediting Agency of Private Theological Institutions and has received full accreditation of curriculum, faculty and administration. FulGospel Bible College & Institute of Biblical Studies is thereby accredited to grant religious degrees at the Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate levels. 

Making informed decisions is very important to completing the academic journey. 

Accreditation is a very important element in that process and each person should make sure that they conduct the necessary investigation if they are interested in teaching or professions that require regionally accredited degrees.

FULGOSPEL Bible College offers a quality Christian Education at only a fraction of the price compared to mainline traditional Bible Colleges.

Excellence is Always Obvious; It is not an OPTION!